Yami’s love for Bread Pakodas.

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The pretty actress who has been born and brought up in North India (Chandigarh) was recently in Patiala for a long schedule of her next.

While she was there she not only indulged in bread pakodas, which is one of her favourite delicacies there, but she also spoilt her team with it.

Yami Gautam is a big foodie and almost every day, the actress would call for bread pakodas and eat and everyone around her would get tempted too.

After indulging, the actress would make up for it by spending extra time in the gym and suggested that to the people around her as well.

They got into such a habit of eating bread pakodas, that even while they are back in Bombay, some people from the unit call Yami and tell her how she has spoilt them and how they miss it.

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