Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone are abusing our Indian hospitality – Celina Jaitly

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Not for Celina Jaitly anymore. Her experience of renting out her place in Mumbai to Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber could put anyone off hospitable behavior forever.

According to Celina after renting her home, the couple reduced it to shambles and refused to hand back the place to Celina when she needed it the most. "I had to stay in a hotel with my 2 1/2 year old twin sons because Sunny Leone and her husband wouldn't vacate my place. They had no legal ground to keep possession of my home," says Celina sorrowfully.

The locks of Celina's home had to be finally broken for Celina to re-possess her home. "And to think that I rented them my home out of compassion. No one was willing to give accommodation to Sunny and her insufferably arrogant and rude husband. I agreed. Only to regret my decision."

The tenancy battle is far from over. Celina is exploring the legal possibilities of bringing the couple to task.

"What they've done to my house amounts to plunder and destruction. It's a like a Tsunami has passed through my once-beautiful penthouse. All my antique furniture was dismantled and dumped on the open terrace to rot. Brand new teak shelves were ripped off. Holes were drilled into the walls to install CCT cameras without our permission. Even the refrigerator and washing machine were damaged. I have to say Ms. Leone and her husband maintained very low hygiene standards."

It was the maidservant who told Celine and her husband that the couple used only one room and left the rest of the home unused.

"If that was the case, why did they rent such a large penthouse? They should've rented a one-room apartment. And if they agreed to our terms and conditions why did they later turn into such filthy bullying tenants? They gave us hell refusing to vacate our home until we returned their deposit money of Rs. 5 lakhs. But our contention was simple: give us back our home in the condition that they rented it," says Celina.

The sordid story actually begins when after Sunny's two-year lease for Celina's house ended and soon after, Celina, who is now Dubai-based, expressed a desire to take re-possession of their home.

"My husband Peter who has no time to spare sweetly agreed to accompany me and the twins to Mumbai to take possession our home. Sunny's husband Daniel declined to be present during the re-possession, as per law. He offered to send his representative. To this Peter agreed. But when we reached our home, the person we saw representing our tenants was their house maid!" Celina exclaims in disbelief.

There began a cat and mouse game between Daniel Weber and Celina with the latter apparently unwilling to show any grace to his landlady.

"Daniel is an unbelievably arrogant man. He sent my husband such rude emails. I don't know Sunny Leone. But I felt sorry for her, for where she came from. And I generously rented our home to her and husband. Is this how they repay my generosity? Daniel Weber is a foreigner and yet he has been threatening and bullying me through his representatives," says Celina, shuddering at the thought of ever renting her home again.

"Sunny Leone and her husband have chalked out specific roles for themselves in Mumbai and the film industry. She plays the Good Cop. He plays the Bad Cop. Playing their games they've pissed off the entire entertainment industry in Mumbai. Would I ever be willing to offer accommodation to a foreigner again? I don't think so. I am generous. But I am not stupid," ends Celina with a sigh of gratitude for having got her home back, albeit in a shambles.

When asked to comment on Celina's allegations Daniel Weber reverted, "We don't respond to garbage news put out by other celebs to bash us to gain self-publicity. Comments about me are baseless, and don't concern me or Sunny. We are here to work and we are busier than ever. That's all that matters."

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