Saif Ali Khan has expressed his interest in Amar Hai – Kamal Haasan

Saif Ali Khan has expressed his interest in Amar Hai - Kamal Haasan

You had spoken to me about Amar Hai two years ago. Is it finally happening?
Yes. This is the same Amar Hai I was working on 3 years back. It's an ensemble cast. I am in the process of casting.

Is Saif Ali Khan playing the other main lead along with you?
Yes, the producer Mr.Arora has reached out to Mr. Saif Ali Khan and the discussions are on. Looks like both Mr. Saif and the producers have expressed mutual interest. I am waiting for their discussions to be concluded to move in with aesthetics.

The film addresses contemporary political issues. How much of present day politics would we see in the film?
It is a Mumbai-centric story. It is planned as a double version in Hindi and Tamil. The Tamil title is also well known among those clued into Film industry news. It is "Thalaivan Irukkindraan" in Tamil.

This would be your first film in Hindi after many years. Do you look forward to your return to Bollywood as much as your Hindi-speaking fans?
I am more excited than my supporters / fans. The justification for my excitement is that, I know the script and they don't yet know it.

Tell me about the rest of the cast and crew of Amar Hai?
I am yet to cast the other major actors from Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka. I am also carefully choosing the technical team. The cinematographer will be Mr. Sanu Verghese who is the DOP for the current project that I am doing. He was the DOP for Vishwaroop as well.

Almost every film of yours is embroiled in controversies. Do you see trouble for Amar Hai?
More than politics, it is about the financial world and the underworld. Nothing though is unconnected to the powers to be, are or was. Vishwaroop or even Chachi 420 had a sprinkling of cast or communal politics. Only when you make a dreamscape film or a surface skimming wafer thin romance, can you avoid the realities of life. Religion, crime politics and money are the ever present elements that constitute the social structure. I guess it's always been so.

So how much of the present day politics would be there in Amar Hai?
My story will have only as much politics as a Godfather, Untouchables or Traffic has. I will be directing the film.

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