Salman Khans team gets offended by Athiya Shetty

It's not only our stars who have massive egos. It's the team around them that develops a collective ego larger than the star can ever have. So poor Athiya Shetty discovered when she made the 'mistake' of naming Shah Rukh Khan as her favourite actor at an event to promote her debut film Hero.

Aghast that her mentor and benefactor would take offence, Salman Khan's team apparently went into a huddle with the petrified girl demanding to know why she named 'him' on a platform that clearly and rightfully belonged to Salman.

Chastened though still bewildered about the ways of show world, Athiya quickly changed her answer to the question about her favourite at the very next event stating that "Salman Sir" was the "ultimate."

Insiders say Salman Khan had absolutely no problem with who Athiya's favourite is.

"It's the people around whom who seem to have taken on themselves the task of getting offended on his behalf," says a source close to the project.

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