Honey Singh confesses being alcoholic and bipolar

With the return of Honey Singh as Punjab da Hero (with Zorawar), tongues once again were set wagging about his disappearance from the glam world and music for two years. Amidst several speculations, including an alleged fight between the rapper and superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Honey Singh decided to go public and confessed about the dark side of his life.

Honey Singh reportedly confessed about his brush with alcoholism and the bipolar disorder that was aggravated due to his addiction to liquor. The musician further added that, initially the medication did not work on him and he had to change about four doctors in a span of one year. Further elaborating on his condition, he added that he feared meeting people. Considering that there was a time when he performed on stage with an audience of over 20,000, it was difficult for him to accept the fact that he was afraid of meeting even 4 to 5 people at a time. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards his mother who extended her support completely to him due to which Honey Singh could deal with this situation with courage. He also stated that he felt the need to talk about his condition to his fans because they have given him fame and love and he kind of felt responsible towards them and express his thoughts and condition fearlessly to them.

However, now that Yo Yo has left his past behind, he wants to ensure his complete focus on music. Though he isn't worried about competition, he does want to make up for the lost time and will kickstart his bouts of concerts soon.

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