10 Reasons why Alia Bhatt would make us forget Shaandaar in Kapoor and Sons

10 Reasons why Alia Bhatt would make us forget Shaandaar in Kapoor and Sons

1. After a very uncomfortable stint as part of a dysfunctional family in Shaandaar, Alia Bhatt plays a girl with no family in Kapoor & Sons. She is happy being on her own watching her boyfriend's dysfunctional family in K & S from afar screaming and shouting

2. Kapoor & Sons re-unites Alia with her mentor and her Student Of The Year producer Karan Johar who is also a surrogate-dad to her. Johar has ensured Alia's growth as an actress is ably captured in her second stint with Dharma Productions.

3. Alia's co-star in Kapoor & Sons is Siddharth Malhotra with whom her vibes are not likely to be misconstrued as they were with the newly-married Shahid during Shaandaar. So in every sense, she is in a far more comfortable zone this time.

4. Alia's other co-star Fawad Khan is the hottest Bollywood import since Katrina Kaif. Mummyjis love him. They're expected to come and see what the Fawad-Alia jodi looks like.

5. Rishi Kapoor thinks Alia Bhatt resembles him. His last film for Dharma Productions was Agneepath which raked in the moolah bigtime. Hopefully he will prove lucky for Dharma again, and for, err, look-alike Alia.

6. Alia looks equally comfortable with Sidhartha Malhotra and Fawad Khan. So there is an ongoing speculation as to whom she finally takes off with (hint: the guy she is with in real life is the man in her film too).

7. This time Alia has a cast of awesome veteran actors to support her performance. She gets to work with Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah who play her future parents-in-law, for the first time. Alia worked with Ratna's brother-in-law Pankaj Kapoor in Shaandaar. But their scenes together lacked gravity and substance.

8. Kapoor & Sons is the sole release over the long Easter weekend. Hence, unless it is as awful as Shaandaar (which is an impossible feat to achieve) Alia has nothing to fear.

9. Out of her 5 releases so far, 4 have been hits. Could we look on Shaandaar as an aberration, God's reminder that even His chosen one like Alia can falter?

10. Shaandaar was directed by a director who had begun to believe he was infallible and supremely invincible. Kapoor & Sons is directed by a far humbler creature Shakun Batra who has no delusions of grandeur.

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