Boman Irani becomes a motivational speaker

While his impeccable comic timing has made him a renowned name in the world of Bollywood, Boman Irani has been following an alternate career for over a decade now. Very few may be aware that Boman is also a motivational speaker.

Revealing about his journey as a motivational speaker, Boman began this as a host of a show organized by a bank. A small interaction with the CEO of the same bank on stage was what changed this actor's life since the former recommended him to try out as a motivational speaker post the show. Now that he has been continuing the same for a decade now, Boman decided to share his thoughts about his new found passion as an orator.

Starting out as a photographer, Boman Irani slowly yet steadily carved his niche in films but now it seems that he has started enjoying the role of a motivational speaker. The 56-year-old said that his talks are not "preachy", and have "more stories of downs than ups". Boman also doesn't like using the word 'motivational'. "Calling something motivational depends on a person and what he/she wants to take away from the entire talk. I don't give these talks with the intention to motivate anyone," he added. Ask him if it is a financially viable profession as well, and he said, "Your time is surely valued by people, but sometimes, I don't even charge [for these talks]. Having said that, there is nothing wrong in taking money for the time you are devoting to something." He further stated jokingly, "I am a one-man industry, and I am going to make use of my factory."

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