This is what left Shahid Kappor’s father-in-law surprised

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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There has been a superb buzz around the looks of Shahid in his forthcoming film, however here’s and interesting trivia that the audiences and Shahid’s fan dint know.
When Shahid had met Mira’s father for the first time, the actor was Infact in his look of Udta Punjab! It was Mira’s father who had first witnessed Shahid in this distinct look of his character.
When Mira’s father saw Shahid in this attire he was pleasantly surprised. The actor had donned a close to rockstar loose t shirt, shorts, with long hair and boots. The instant reaction of the father in law was surprising!
This first meeting that took place at the Delhi farm house is an adorable story of the first meet of Shahid and Mira’s father.
However Mira’s father later on conveyed that he likes the look and also learnt that it was there for a reason. He later realized that Shahid was absorbing the character of his forthcoming film and this was the process where the actor was prepping for it.
Spokesperson confirmed the news and added, Shahid first met Mira’s father at the Delhi farmhouse when he was in the attire of his look for his forthcoming film. It was great to see Mira’s father reaction on it”
Shahid who is known to get into his character has done it once again. His look in his next has received amazing feedback.
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