Harper Collins Spring Acquisition Announcements and News

Well, it's May, and whilst it may be freezing here in London, all the talk is about hot summer reading. This newsletter is jam-packed with some of our recommendations, with special mentions going to the two fantastic books that have just been selected to be published from autonomy!

The first acquisition is BROTHERHOOD OF SHADES http://harpercollinsnews.co.uk/go.asp?/bCOL002/qLMF4B8F/xB5UWB8F, a dark and thrilling YA fantasy by Dawn Finch. The second is ROBIN WHO http://harpercollinsnews.co.uk/go.asp?/bCOL002/qUVXDB8F/xB5UWB8F, a historical romp from Andrew Fish. To find out more, click here http://blog.authonomy.com/2012/05/spring-acquisitions-from-authonomy.html for the full announcement on the blog.

To help you kick off your summer reading list, we've got a signed copy of Andrew Kaufman's amazing novella The Tiny Wife to give away. Find out how below.


Tiny Wife giveaway

The Tiny Wife is one of my favourite books . . . ever. Moving and original, it tells the story of a woman, who, after having her most precious item taken from her during a bank robbery, begins to shrink, just a little bit, each day. THE TINY WIFE may have one of the imaginative book premises of recent years – but here's your chance to prove that wrong. Send in your weird and wonderful pitches, along with your book's title, to mailto:yourauthonomy@harpercollins.co.uk, and the most inventive blurb will win the author a signed copy of Andrew Kaufman's beautiful book, and get a plug on the authonomy blog.

Writing differently

Whether it's a quirky storyline or an unusual format, at authonomy we're big fans of writers who think outside the box. Caroline Smailes is one writer who's never afraid to experiment, and earlier this year she kindly stopped by the blog
(http://harpercollinsnews.co.uk/go.asp?/bCOL002/q3DOVB8F/xB5UWB8F to talk about why she likes push the boundaries.

Authonomy success story
Most writers will discover at some point or another that the road to publication is rarely a breeze. Perseverance, courage, and a willingness to take direction, are often the keys to getting far in this industry – no  matter how brilliant a writer you are. This is why the publication of SKIN DEEP by Laura Jarratt – better known on authonomy as http://harpercollinsnews.co.uk/go.asp?/bCOL002/qLV6DB8F/xB5UWB8F – is so gratifying. Laura was signed by Egmont last year – it wasn't with her first  book, and it wasn't her first enquiry, but she's done it! And her debut novel has just been released on the world. Laura kindly shared her story with us, and you can read it here –

This Month's Books to Watch
1)STONEBIRD by J.L. Fontaine
3)CARRY ME GENTLY by Debra Mattson
4)FILTHY LUCA by Paul Beattie

Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno/ Mystery of Everyman’s Way

To contact him, go to: http://www.facebook.com/authorpaulcollins

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