Which Taylor Swift Should You Be For Halloween?

After a year in retreat, Taylor Swift’s back. Actually, as the “Look What You Made Me Do” video demonstrated, all of the Taylors are back. Taylor Swift has cycled through a lot of looks during her decade in the spotlight. She’s been a country star with flowing hair and flowing skirts. She’s rocked the fairy-tale princess look. And with just one pair of black glasses, she’s been a teenage geek and a hipster.

Dressing as Ms. Swift for Halloween can be as simple or involved as you want it to be. To recreate her “Never Getting Back Together” outfit, all you need to do is roll out of bed. For the full “Love Story” effect, you’ll need a gown and excellent updo skills. To be Taylor herself, just make sure you have her signature red lipstick and an air of effortless cool.

This is your guide to every possible iteration of Swift you can become on October 31. If you win the office costume contest, just remember to bring out that surprised face.

Dress as “Fearless” Taylor Swift if you actually can play the guitar.

In the video, Taylor interacts with fans and romps around with long, curly hair and a guitar. How times have changed.

Dress as “Look What You Made Me Do” bathtub Taylor if you love glitz

This is one of Taylor’s many personas in “Look What You Made Me Do.” For the costume, dress in a nude bodysuit, then attach toy jewels and a single dollar bill. Paint your nails blood-red, apply red lipstick, and a heavy smoky eye. Drape your neck in glitz.

Dress as “Teardrops on My Guitar” Taylor if you have naturally curly hair.

In the video, Swift sprawls on a bed with her guitar, wearing a green gown. Most of the bed is consumed by her lustrous locks.

Dress as “Look What You Made Me Do” zombie Taylor if you think Halloween should be scary.

Granted, “Look What You Made Me Do” features a parade of different Taylor eras. But the most memorable is zombie Taylor, who begins the video by crawling out of a grave. Pair a classic Taylor maxi dress and curly hair with the terrifying makeup of the undead to capture the look.

Dress as “Blank Space” Taylor if you have a ModCloth wardrobe.

It’s just a matter of deciding to go with the high waisted shorts and crop top or a vintage dress.

Dress as “Our Song” Taylor if you want to get another year out of your Cinderella costume.

Rip the arms off that sucker, slap on several layers of clear lip gloss, and you’re good to go.

Dress as “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Taylor for a unique group costume.

As the organizer of said group costume, you get to wear fuzzy pajamas while your friends wear full-on animal suits.

Dress as “Shake It Off” Taylor if you’re up for a mid-party costume change.

Show up to the shindig in a leotard, leave in jean cutoffs. It’s a move that will be talked about through next Halloween.

Dress as “Bad Blood” Taylor if you look really good in black.

It helps if your eyeliner game is also on point. This is another potential costume for your entire squad.

Dress as “You Belong With Me” Taylor if you always wanted to wear that old prom dress again.

Or that old band uniform. No judgement.

Dress as “Love Story” Taylor if you’ve always wanted to try the corset look.

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