Bhupi is an incredibly talented Mehendhi (Henna) artist who combines a rare blend of old school tradition with modern trend-setting design.

Bhupi is a traveller, she was born in Kenya, raised in England where she graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Product Management. She now lives in Canada with her husband, Sanjeev & two kids. We feel that this has given her a unique perspective on the world and its cultures. She is able to translate that into her art. You can feel the "world" influence in her designs.

Whilst living in the UK, she travelled extensively including Europe, Africa and some parts of the Far East. She learned the art of mehendhi while backpacking through a village in India almost 16 years ago and continued to develop her art in the UK. Her teacher was a nine–year–old girl who worked outside the hotel. An interest that was set aside for many years was brought back to life and has been her good luck charm ever since.

She was a minor celebrity in Britain, and has appeared on BBC’s “Heaven and Earth” television program. Her henna designs have adorned the skin of attendees to the World Economic Forum at Davos Switzerland. She appeared on CHCV “Smith and Hayes Show” with articles in The Record, Cambridge Times and Hamilton Spectator.

Her backpacking adventures play a huge part in her work. From the Taj Mahal in Agra to the mountains of Simla, desserts of Rajisthan and beaches of Goa, there was always something amazing that caught her eye whether it was the architecture or hand crafted antiques, marble pillars or inlays, the beauty was all around her. The photographs were memories of a wonderful adventure but today, they are her inspiration.

Bhupi loves the art and the traditions that go with it so when she got the opportunity of taking her artistry a step further, it was a dream come true.

She doodles on anything and everything, so when she hosted a pottery painting party in early 2009 it was inevitable that she wanted her piece to be unique. The teapot got star treatment with a full bridal design that took almost 3 hours to paint. When it arrived at her door step after firing and glazing, she was surprised how magnificent it looked.

After experimenting and much deliberation, it didn’t take long before she found the perfect technique allowing her to paint glassware and transfer her passion for henna onto other mediums. It started with Cocktail glasses for Teachers Gifts at the end of June and this in turn spurred her to perfect the art to offer them for sale. The glassware collection includes tealight holders, candle votives, porcelain mugs, wine, cocktail & shot glasses, champagne flutes, teapots, vases, cookie jars and with a growing inventory by the day.

Each piece is signed and dated thus bringing a unique ethnic art into peoples homes and this is something she can smile about. The best part the paints are food and dishwasher safe.

For more information, you can either email her at bhupi@henna4you.com or check out the website at www.henna4you.com

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