How to Design a Perfect Bedroom

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

How to Design a Perfect BedroomYour bedroom is your sanctuary, your go-to place when you want to sleep-away all kinds of worries and stresses of life. Given you are too busy to give your room a total makeover, you should at least make it a nice place because you spend more time in your bedroom than any other place of your house. It’s a place particularly for you and not for guests or visitors. Impress yourself!

1. Just like any well-planned room, bedroom asks for its own particulars. Bed, for instance, is the focal point of your bedroom. Do you know that you spend 1/3rd of your life in your bed? Your bed needs to be as big as to accommodate you and your partner but not so big to consume the entire space. Beds with large leather or rexine fancy heads are real in these days. Also, never skimp money on mattress because it is one can’t-be-compromised thing.

2. It is important that your bedroom furniture goes with the room décor. This is a rather easy step. All you have to do is choose furniture that is more like the design of the bed.
3. The shades of wall depend on your personality type. Men will like almost anything; all they need is a place to crash. Women, on the other hand, go into the depth and intricacies of designing. Interior decorators suggest that you give your bedroom warm, peaceful and invigorating colors.
4. While you design your bedroom, do not overlook the importance of under-bed storage drawers or baskets which are an absolute necessity these days.
5. A flat wall-mounted TV (or LCD) is best for a bedroom if you are keen on having one in your bedroom.
6. If your bedroom is square or slightly rectangular then you must accentuate its corners to make it look serene and beautiful. Decorate the corners with artificial flowers, lights and glass items to give it a finishing look.
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