How To Be Happy At Work

Work can be stressful — between deadlines, meetings, and answering all those emails, we’re not quite sure where the hours go. As a result, we’ve developed plenty of ways to manage our work flow here at Refinery29 without letting the stress get the better of us. Some of our methods are downright cool, and others are straight-up weird. Ahead, how we keep on keepin’ on.


Aisling McDonagh, Director, Key Accounts
“I make a cup of tea. Either Irish Breakfast Tea, green tea, or another herbal tea. Oh, and have a piece of chocolate!”


Jessica Teves, Managing Editor
“I regularly—like, every 15 minutes!—spritz my face with Evian mist. It refreshes me and then I feel ready for my next task.”


Jill Meisner, Director of Public Relations
“I just listen to the ’50s station on Pandora. It makes me want to dance at my desk…Or, I listen to ocean sounds.”


Andrew Abshere, Director of Product Management
“Drink four-plus cups of Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate per day without watering it down. I also just make (my fellow R29er) Eben tell me funny stories. Or I make him freestyle.”


Anne Cassard, Design Project Manager
“This may be pathetic, but bagels on Friday have a severely strengthening effect on my work ethic during the week. You can’t do it every morning, but you CAN do it on Friday morning. Also, I chew gum and hydrate, but that’s not fun to write about!”


Katie Lincoln, Associate Video Producer
“I have this little Aura Cacia essential oil on my desk called “Chill Pill” that literally SAVES me. Whenever I am feeling like I’m about to explode (every second), I just rub this on my temples, inhale, and am brought back down to earth.”


Rachel Besser, Stylist’s Assistant
“I have a countdown app on my phone always set to the next exciting thing I’m doing. When things get tough, I take a gander at the app and realize there are only X amount of days/hours left! Believe it or not, it actually helps me work harder because I turn on the jets knowing I’ll have that time to unwind whenever my next fun thing is.”


Megan McIntyre, Senior Beauty Editor
“Whenever I’m feeling REALLY stressed, I’ll camp out in front of the beauty closet and start sorting all the [new product] launches in the closet. Being surrounded by beauty products is my happy place. There’s just something so soothing about swatching lipstick shades on your hand, or sniffing perfumes, or rubbing luxurious creams into your skin. I highly suggest a Sephora sojourn for anyone who is having a really rough day and needs to decompress — it’s an easy way to feel like you are pampering yourself, without having to devote the time, money, or energy into going to a spa.”


Neha Gandhi, Deputy Editor
“Cupcake, cupcake, cupcake!!” [Ed. note: She’s referring to the stuffed cupcake we all use as a stress pillow.]


Seija Rankin, Associate News Editor

“NPR!!! It may sound either extremely pretentious or extremely nerdy, but listening to NPR is literally my lifeline during the day. It dates back to my dad’s obsession with Morning Edition (and This American Life, and Fresh Air, and…you get it), but it makes the perfect background for a workday. I find I can concentrate much better than when I listen to music. The slow drawls of the broadcasters (“I’mmm Maaaraaa Liaaassoonnn”) basically turn into ambient noise. And, I often get inspiration or story ideas when I decide to fully tune in for a bit.”

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