Leather’s haute this weather

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Fashionistas the world over are flaunting the latest trend to the hilt — leather is working its way back on the ramps and in party circuits.

“It’s winter, that’s why,” says popular Bollywood designer Rick Roy. What winter you may ask? But for fashionistas, that we are officially into the wintery month on November, is reason enough to take those leather garments out of their careful wrapping and wear them to make a sizzling hot and sexy style statement. Internationally too, leather is a rage.

Singing sensation Rihanna was recently spotted in a sexy leather dress while Hollywood beauties Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba chose to team up their leather jackets with slim jeans. Another star who’s really working up the fabric is style diva and trendsetter Victoria Backham. Angelina Jolie too looked sizzling hot in her strapless leather dress at a recent red carpet event.

Says designer Arshiya Fakih Eappen, “Leather has a certain sensuality and sex appeal to it.” And leather accessories are in too. “Right from belts to trimmings to leather patches, they all make for an ultra stylish statement,” she adds about the fabric that’s associated with rocker and punk style and so is a hot favourite among youngsters.

Designer Falguni Peacock has also used a lot of leather in their current collection. So why is it such a preferred fabric? “It’s a fabric that can be moulded very easily. It falls well, whether it’s just a jacket, trouser or even a skirt,” Falguni explains.

On the ramps too, leather was the most outstanding trend seen at recently concluded international fashion weeks. Pencil leather skirts are also among the most favoured and sexy leather shorts are giving the word invogue an all new meaning especially when it’s teamed with the right top and accessorised aptly. Also, as Rick points out, “Leather really stands out best when it is mixed with another fabric. It works extremely well when it is used as an embellishment on a base fabric or if one teams a leather corset top with a gown. It’s no longer just about jackets, today leather can be moulded to any silhouette.”

But beware: Not all leather garments can be worn by every body shape. According to Arshiya, it’s much better worn as bottom wear than tops. “Except for the jackets, of course,” she says. And according to Falguni, “For slim body frames, slim pants with a tapered look work well. However, those who are on the heavier side should opt for the straight cut.”

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