11 New Fashion Books To Excite Your Style

There is no doubt that the month of September is all about style. From September issues to the start of Fashion Month, there is no time like the present to really fall in love with fashion and personal style all over again. 

The best way to do it differs from person to person, but we’re big fans of taking it old-school with a shiny, new fashion book. Set aside a weekend, brew a cup of tea, and cozy up on the couch with one of these new releases. These reads are full of the eye candy you expect and also offer tons of insight into the industry, tons of entertainment, and practical lessons that you’ll find yourself relying on for years to come (and not just as a prop for your coffee table — although you’ll definitely want to display them, too).

 $60, available at Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, Photography by Terry Richardson — Well, first of all, it comes with just about the most adorable sheet of stickers, ever. Just saying. But if you get beyond that distraction, you’ll still find lots to love about Opening Ceremony’s new book.

Not only does it beautifully illustrate the birth of the brand, but it gives real life and dimension to its two founders who first met at Cal Berkeley. Full of stories submitted by its downtown NY friends (we couldn’t help but seriously “awwww” when we read Spike Jonze’s section on spending time with Humberto’s mom), this book reads like a series of love letters from OC friends to the label. Oh, and did we mention the stickers? 

$9.99, available at Amazon

What On Earth Are You Wearing: An Encyclopedia of Fashion by Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock — While you could definitely be entertained just by flipping through the wonderful fashion watercolors, this picture book actually holds a whole lot of valuable information. 

Ever wondered what an “obi” is? Authors Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock will tell you a brief history of the wide Japanese belt worn with kimonos through the voice of their created persona, Michi. If you want a definition for something a little more simple like “retro,” expect nothing but short and sweet wit. If you like your vocab lessons with a bit more personality, you’ll definitely enjoy the lessons and jest in this petite volume. 

$13.60, available at Amazon

Vice Dos & Don’ts Book 2 by the editors of Vice Magazine — We can’t call this pick one of the most beautiful of new fashion books, but it is intriguing nonetheless. This follow-up volume to the first Vice Dos & Don’ts book picks up where the first left off. 

Full of images that will make you swear off hard partying, this is hands-down the most entertaining book on our list. While we might not agree with all the categorizations, we’re pretty sure there are enough LOLs in there for everyone. Just remember to hide it when your mother comes a-visitin’.

$11.37, available at Amazon

 Want to Be Her! How Friends and Strangers Helped Shape My Style by Andrea Linett —Broken up by age and then by characters, Linett paints a rich portrait of a life surrounded by people who have inspired her personal style. 

While this book might be about Linett’s own friends and strangers that have impacted the way she puts herself together, it can’t help but inspire you to muse on your own influences, whether it be why you wear that one pair of tattered jeans when you need a little pick-me-up or how you’ll style an outfit for a typical workday.

$17.88, available at Amazon

Rookie Yearbook One edited by Tavi Gevinson — Even if you go to work and not school and your drink of choice comes with an olive in it and not marshmallows, let’s face it: We’re all kids at heart. 

This book comes complete with all your childhood favorites like stickers, and a record, and a princess crown, and…we’ll stop here and leave you somesurprises. Full of frank advice, entertaining tidbits, and adolescent designs even adults can enjoy, Tavi proves she can be a heavy hitter in print, as well. 

$141.75, available at Amazon

Closer by Scott Schuman — Scott Schuman is back again with a new paperback. Put this book on your coffee table, and we guarantee you that your living room guests will check out of any conversation as they dive eye first into the streets of just about every major city in the world. 

This book is chock-full of style inspiration and just pure eye candy, and we particularly enjoyed his section on the girl of his (and our) dreams, Garance Doré. 

$22.89, available at Barnes & Noble

Alexander McQueen by Judith Watt — There’s been a lot of attention on McQueen in the wake of his untimely passing, and while there have been and will continue to be a whole bunch written on the legacy of Lee, this one is by far the most compelling with a foreword written by close friend Daphne Guinness. 

Author Judith Watt, prominent historian and friend of McQueen, provides heartfelt details on the life and work of the designer to accompany the stunning imagery — which speaks volumes on its own.

$19.97, available at Amazon

Fashion and Sustainability by Kate Fletcher and Lynda Gross — Fashion and sustainability may seem like the title of a book a fashion 101 professor would assign, but don’t fear, this book is a fun and engaging read with wisdom that is valuable even if you’re not planning on going into textile manufacturing. 

From insight on the lifespan of an article of clothing to information that’ll lead you to become a more thoughtful shopper, this book will change the way you think about your clothes.

$17.95, available at Laurence King Publishing

100 New Fashion Designers by Hywel Davies —If you’re looking to make a name for yourself within fashion, you’ll need this mini-edition book on 100 new fashion designers. 

With plenty of lookbook and runway images, this compilation also gives thorough synopses on each designer’s history and aesthetic, and acts as a who’s who list of design mavericks who’re making waves for themselves. Looking through this book is definitely the dose of inspiration a budding designer needs to push themselves to the next level.

$31.50, available at Amazon

Stylists by Kate Baron — This coffee table book by Kate Baron gives its reader a rare glimpse into the hard-to-define work of the all-important stylist. 

Stylists covers 25 top-level professionals in an industry that has grown to new heights of importance today. From Nicola Formichetti to Katie Grand, Baron evaluates each with a keen eye to prove how these creatives are truly fashion’s new visionaries.

$80, available at GUESS

A Third Decade of Guess? Images by Paul Marciano — It doesn’t get more iconic then a black and white GUESS? advertisement featuring a buxom blonde and her beautiful jeans.

To celebrate 30 years in the business, GUESS? just released a retrospective of its campaign images and the transformation the brand has undergone while staying true to its true blues. Featuring large, glossy prints of some of its most provocative images, this coffee-table standout features reproductions of contact sheets by the likes of iconic photographers like Ellen von Unwerth, whose ability to capture the beauty and sensuality of women never fails to dazzle us.

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