5 Moody Red Nail Polishes

There are some things about winter we don't mind parting with, like heavy layers and temperatures below 40 degrees — but that doesn't mean we're over all things winter just yet. Dark nail polish season is still upon us, but it'll be over before we know it (sooner rather than later, according to Punxsutawney Phil). The time to embrace those moody colors is now.

Deep, rich shades of red get a lot of play around the holidays, but they're also a year-round staple that's especially fitting right now, with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Before you book your bi-weekly manicure, we asked the pros to share the dark red shades they keep in their kits, so that you can hang on to your moody tips just a little longer.

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KB Shimmer Such A Vlad-Ass Nail Polish

Somewhere between purple and red lives this raspberry lacquer that's is the best of both worlds. "It's the perfect red with a hint of berry that'll look good on anyone," says celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival.

kb shimmer Such A Vlad-Ass Nail Polish, $, available at KB Shimmer

Tom Ford Beauty Nail Polish in Smoke Red

Percival also swears by this true smoky red, which she says looks stunning on her clients with medium and dark complexions — and looks just as gorgeous on a bathroom vanity.

Tom Ford Beauty Nail Polish – Smoke Red, $, available at Net-A-Porter

Butter London Regal Red Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer

Pro manicurist Jess Snyder always keeps a bottle of this color in her kit. "I’m a firm believer in the rule that red is a power color," she says. "I love that this color has a rich blue base that looks vampy and beautiful on literally everyone." Since this shade is super opaque, she recommends keeping an unused lip brush and acetone handy before you paint at home. "No matter the brand, a rogue drop of red polish can potentially stain your skin, so keep something handy to wipe away mistakes," Snyder says.

Butter London Regal Red Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer, $, available at Butter London

OPI Nail Lacquer An Affair In Red Square

NYC-based manicurist Trenna Seney reaches for this bottle when she sends her clients off to special events. "This is the perfect color for when your nails need a subtle pop," she says. "It has shimmery pigments that are super eye-catching, especially when it hits the light."

OPI OPI Nail Lacquer, “An Affair In Red Square”, $, available at Amazon

Pear Nova Berry Jane Nail Polish

Pear Nova pro Melinda Carrillo loves this color, which is like a tall glass of fruit punch with a polish brush. "I love this shade year-round because it's not as dark as classic reds," she says. "It has a hint of pink that pops against all skin tones."

Pear Nova Berry Jane, $, available at Pear Nova

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