What A Pill: Dose Nail Polish Is Here To Cure Your Manicure Boredom

Since we all seem to suffer from the busy-busy-busy syndrome, it’s no wonder that our beauty routines tend to suffer from neglect. Who’s got the time, right? 

And nowhere is that more evident than on our poor nails, which have been suffering from the dual obstacles of no time to repaint or remove those sad, stubborn flecks of chipped polish that remain. It’s not pretty. But, a good manicure takes time, focus, and dedication that we just don’t have at this busy time of year. We’ve actually found ourselves wondering: Why isn’t there just a pill for this? Like those sunscreen ones, you know? 

Well, actually, now there is, sorta, thanks to a line of lacquer from Dose. While applying these shades, sadly, is not as simple as popping a pill, these cute little orbs contain unique formaldehyde-free varnishes that promise to “cure” your color-associated blues (or “mean reds,” if you want to get all Audrey Hepburn, here). 

Organized in “doses” of three shades at a time to encourage frequent color swapping (like “Black Beauties,” which includes the best shade of dove gray we’ve ever seen, and “Clever Girl,” which includes a ruby, a mauve, and a lilac), the line is a full-service nail wardrobe that promises to be “mind-blowingly addictive.” We’re going to give in to the necessary Alanis Morissette reference here and say that we can’t wait to take some of these jagged little pills for a test drive. 

Dose Nail Lacquers, $20 for a set of three, available exclusively at Lucky Scent.

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