6 Makeup Miracles That Will Blow Your Mind

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

We have to give those clever marketers credit: It seems like every new beauty product launch is one that will, according to the ads, change our lives. Nine times out of 10, though, it’s just another so-so eyeliner, or meh blush that we use a few times and forget about a couple of days later. Color us disappointed.

Except that there actually are some products out there that are proven miracle workers. From a mascara that lengthens and truly will not budge, to a foundation that can clear up acne, these makeup magicians have earned their stellar reputations. Scroll through to find out how these small wonders can —dare we say it — change your life.

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This foundation from Hourglass is unique: Not only does it cover up blemishes and mattify oily skin, it can actually improve breakouts. 

The product initially launched last year, but due to an issue with the pump mechanism, Hourglass was forced to remove the foundation from shelves. According to a representative, the company was inundated with emails and phone calls from people begging them to bring it back, claiming the foundation had cleared up their acne and minimized scarring. The brand complied and went one step further, conducting clinical tests on these zit-zapping claims. The trials are ongoing and the brand is still awaiting final results, but we think the outpouring of customer love speaks volumes about this one. 

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation, $55, available at Sephora.


What makes this classic mascara miraculous is that not only does it not smudge or budge, it also makes your lashes look ridiculously lengthy. The secret is in the tubes — a gel-polymer base that encapsulates each and every lash, creating a tube around it and visibly extending it, all while retaining a water-resistant, smudge- and budge-proof finish.

Added bonus: Once you’re ready to wash it off, you don’t need any oily removers or harsh cleansers — just splash your face with some warm water and rub your fingertips over your lashes and the tubes will release. A word of warning: When the tubes fall off, they look like eyelashes, which made us think we were molting the first time we used this. Rest assured that you are not, in fact, going eye-bald. 

L’Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara, $10.95, available at Drugstore.com.


There’s a reason these cult pencils are in every makeup artist’s kit: They’re just that good. Before Aqua Eyes, the concept of a no-tug, high-impact eyeliner that truly stayed put was nothing more than a pipe dream. Then they entered the scene and delivered all of that, plus one of the most comprehensive, off-the-wall array of shades we’ve ever seen. 

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes, $18, available at Sephora.


This chunky lip pencil is the grandaddy of them all, with legions of devoted fans singing its praises. While there are several different finishes — including Gloss and the new Satin iteration — we think Matte is the one the deserves the shout-out here. Not only are the 18 hue options all absolutely breathtaking, the color refuses to budge. All that and a velvety, sueded finish means this crayon has a permanent place in our makeup bags.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $25, available at NARS.


Never has a product had a more fitting name than Benefit’s Erase Paste undereye concealer. The brightening coverup has a super-creamy formula that spreads easily over the delicate eye area, completely camouflaging dark circles without settling into fine lines. It also has brightening melon undertones, which means it visibly perks up your tired gaze and won’t give you that weird cake-y appearance that other full-coverage concealers do.

Benefit Erase paste, $26, available at Benefit.


Multi-use color products are a mini-miracle unto themselves, but W3ll People has upped the ante with its Universalist ColorStick. This all-in-one beautifier — which was recently revamped as part of the brand’s relaunch — is all natural and infused with organic aloe, so it nourishes and hydrates the skin as it provides gorgeous pigment.

It’s also free of silicone and the other chemicals that can cause color to slip, slide, and wipe off of your face as the day goes on. We’re all about simplifying our beauty routine, and thanks to this savvy stick, we can do that and still feel good about what we’re putting on our lips and cheeks in the process. 

W3ll People Universalist ColorStick, $33, available at W3ll People.

Illustrated by Zhang Qingyun

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