6 Famous Faces Like You’ve Never Seen Them

Hollywood is full of cookie-cutter types — but there are a few faces in history who really break the mold. And, it was those folks who inspired us to create some celebrity photography where you can reallytaste the goodness. Are these puns getting old yet? Let’s cut to the chase. 

When we came across the amazing, custom-portrait cookies by the Kuroiwa Patisserie in Brooklyn, we immediately knew something had to be done. As much as we would’ve enjoyed an R29 staffer cookie plate, we figured this might be a little more palatableto you, dear readers. From Anderson Cooper’s electric baby blues to Grace Jones’ killer eyebrows, these are the six tastiest faces ever to grace the camera lens!


James Franco works on his next genre-bending masterpiece. And you just know he loves Splenda.


Beyoncé lounging in a pile of sequins, kicking back with a Pepsi and her Karen Walker sunnies.


Anderson Cooper takes front-page exposés with his coffee, no sugar needed.


Grace Jones peers out from a forest of fierceness. 

Anish Kapoor Cup, available at Illy.


The Kate Moss breakfast: one part lipstick, two parts water, shake vigorously.


He may be in his early 30s, but Eddie Redmayne is too pure of heart to drink anything other than whole milk.


The gang’s all here…or they were, until we ate them for dessert. Sorry about it!

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