An Outfit Guide To Wearing Summer Blazers

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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If there’s one cold-weather staple you’re not packing away under your bed this summer, it’s the blazer. Between important daytime meetings and those chilly date nights, there’s not really a reason to retire it…even for a season change. 

But for whatever reason, wearing a blazer during the summer months always seems way harder when you don’t have layers, long sleeves, and length to back it up with…which is why we’re here to provide you with a little tip sheet. Whether you blame it on your refrigerator of an office or your “Mediterranean climate” (hey, San Francisco readers), we have a blazer outfit for the workplace to the bar side and beyond. Now, blazer on!


Ground A “Pajama” Look — Whether you’re wearing a romper or a matching separate, a coordinating top-and-bottom set can sometimes feel like too much. A blazer helps break things up. Choose one in a coordinating color to help blend things together, or a contrasting hue to really stand out. 

Photo: Courtesy of Tibi.


Combat A Short-Short — A blazer worn with a super-short pair of shorts extends your leg line (by adding bulk to the top half of your body, the bottom half looks trimmer and longer) and makes your getup look more covered up. Win-win! But, never let the hem of your blazer be longer than that of your shorts…unless you want people guessing whether you forgot your pants at home or not. 

Photo: Courtesy of H&M.


Colorblock The Modern Way — One of our favorite ways to reinterpret colorblocking for this season is to wear two items of the same hue on top and a contrasting color on bottom. This chambray Madewell blazer and Yves Klein blue silk top are the perfect pair. 

Photo: Courtesy of Madewell.


Summer-ize A Winter Blazer With Florals — The last thing you might want to herald warmer days with is your go-to, darker-hued winter blazer, but it could be just the key to making a liberty print feel office-appropriate. If your work environment is a tad more buttoned-up than most, consider bringing a fun — but not crazy — print into work by wearing it buttoned-up all the way under a crisp suit. 

Photo: Courtesy of J. Crew


Dress Up A “Lazy” Outfit — For days when your brain grapes count for less than a handful, having a wildly printed blazer is immensely helpful. Toss it on over a super-simple outfit and — voila! Watch as your jeans and T-shirt become so much more. 

Stella McCartney Neon Jacket, $1,113, available at Net-A-Porter.


Tone Down A Challenging Silhouette — To ease you into a new silhouette (culotte-style short-shorts, super-high waists, trumpet-shape hemlines), an oversized blazer does a great job at tempering an outfit. Choose a boxier silhouette to allow for bulkier skirt and short shapes. 

Zara Double Breasted Jacket, $129, available at Zara


Pile Up On Light Layers — If you could get away with wearing nothing this summer, you would…and it’s not just the heat that’s making you think that way. Sunshiny days just scream for lightness, but you probably feel like you need one more bit of defense with too many semi-sheer layers. A flowing blazer looks utterly chic when worn atop other lightweight layers. 

Wilfred Chevalier Jacket, $225, available at Artizia.


Make A Body-Con Work For The Office — To help make body-skimming dresses work for the office, pair them with structured blazers. Shrunken styles (like the one shown) create an illusion of a pencil skirt, but if you want a little extra coverage, make sure to wear your dress with a blazer that goes at least to the widest part of your hips. 

Joseph Double Breasted Jacket, $639.38, available at My Wardrobe.


Dare To Wear A Bustier — We love this look for hot summer nights. You might be hesitant to wear a tube top or bustier by itself, but it’s a sexy and not-so-scary statement with a blazer. Don’t want to show that much belly? Wear it with a skin-tight, high-waisted pencil skirt instead. 

Photo: Courtesy of Sandro.

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