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Blackheads, have been a major issue with me when it come to skin care. I am bit embarrassed to tell you all but my blackhead use to be so bad that I started to get dark patches all over my skin because of them as I didn’t know how to get rid of them or to get them out of my pores.

Blackhead Pores Remover Stripes did nothing for me except wasting time and money. They seemed so easy to put on wait for 15 mins and pull off but gave me no results not even a single blackhead was removed.
Really disappointed.

The only Blackhead Pore Strip that did work for me was the Montagne Jeunesse Natural Charcoal Nose Pore Strips this blackhead remover stripe really did its job. The charcoal really pulled out all the nasty blackhead out of my pores and kept them at bay. They come 3 in one pack and lasted me for one month as I don’t have blackhead just on my nose but partially on my cheeks and chin as well , so I used 2 strip at one time and I am good for one month.

Now coming back to Pakistan I could not find the  Montagne Jeunesse Natural Charcoal Nose Pore Strips
And The horror of blackhead started to grow back again.

When in a search to figure out any other way I could get rid of my blackheads I came across an article talking about PVA glue as blackhead remover .

Why didn’t I think about this before ?
I don’t know?
But as soon as I knew about it I knew I had to try it for myself and share my experience with you all.

And you would have guessed by now that it surely did work,

              PVA glue for blackhead removal works and it amazing.

Peace at last.

I was so nervous to try this at first ; glue on the face doesn’t seem normal does it ? No ? I knew it. But I just had to try it out to get rid of these nasties.

But no more now, when ever I find my skin getting a bit on the griddy side i just apply the PVA glue on the area wait for the glue to dry and peel off. All my blackhead come on the dried stripe without causing any pain. Of course if you have some facial hair that will cause a bit of pain but nothing excruciating.

How I remove my blackheads with PVA glue? 

Removing blackhead can be a very relaxing thing, its almost a spa like experience for me atleast. I feel like it the time to really pamper your skin and get it to a fresh clean start. 

My blackhead removal process takes about 30 to 40 mins at the max, I try to remove my blackhead on day when I have nothing much to do or if I want to pamper myself.

1) I start off with a cleanser , which ever one I am using usually it the Clean and Clear facial cleanser as it has salicylic acid in it.

2) Then taking my favorite exfoliator ST.IVE Apricot Scrub for Blemish &Blackhead control, I exfoliate my skin to get rid of any dead skin.

3) Following up with Clean & Clear blackhead clearing cleanser-oil free to soak in any extra dirt soaking in my pores to get my skin as clean as possible.

4) I then again use my Clean and Clear facial cleanser with warm water to open up my pore one more time.

5) Then I apply my PVA glue evenly wherever I need it and wait for it to dry.

6) After the glue dries , I peel off the glue and enjoy all the nasty blackhead sitting on the dries glue pieces.

7 )After this process I take the Clean & Clear blackhead clearing cleanser-oil free toner with my cotton and cover my face where ever I applied the glue so that the salicylic acid can get into my clean pores and stop from blackhead from producing more.

8) After that I apply my very favorite moisturizer Olive Oil to put in good oil in my pores and seal in the deal.

And that is about it.

It may sound much but trust me this way is the way I find works the best to get each and every blackhead out of my pores and keep it at bay.
All of this is worth it and you will see after each time your blackhead will come back very slowly.

Hope you all reading this post found this helpful.

And I will talk to you all very soon next week.

Till then Take Care 🙂

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