Chinese Water Chestnut Pudding Recipe

Water Chestnut Pudding 


1 lb (1/2 kg) water chestnuts

12 oz (336 g) sugar

6 cups water

10 oz (280 g) water chestnut starch

2 tablespoons oil


Peel and wash the water chestnuts. Grate and cook in 4 cups of water with sugar for 10 minutes.

Mix the water chestnut starch with the remaining 2 cups of water then filter through a fine sieve.

Pour the starch mix with the oil gradually into the boiling syrup. Stir constantly until well mixed. Scoop into a greased cake mould and steam over medium heat for 40 minutes. Leave to cool.

Cut into oblong pieces to shallow fry in an oiled pan before serving.

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