Finding Shangri La: Universal Spam

According to the ancient Yoga masters, the Unified Field is a vast, living, conscious and responsive life element, which in the Yogic tradition refers to as Ether, one of the 5 life elements i.e. Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Earth.  It is the element that is closest to us in the sense that it responds to our five senses and communicates directly with the external Field, while transmitting our emotions outward and receiving information back.  Unfortunately, to truly be able to transmit and receive this information one has to be able to tune in clearly or messages can become very garbled and misinterpreted.  In the Second Principle of Finding Shangri La, the concept of right speech is addressed.  Today, there is a habit for people to use the phrase "whatever", or "whatever happens".  This may be one of the most dangerous phrases or negative "mantras" ever.  Since the Ether is the transmitting force from you out into the Field, when you respond to questions with "whatever", you are suggesting to the Universal Consciousness that whatever happens, happens.  In effect, you are not directing your life force for success, well-being or anything else that you truly desire, because what you are communicating is not clear.  What you will receive back is a kind of Universal Spam.  If your intention is that if any two or three outcomes are O. K. with you, then specify that.  Say, "Any of these good outcomes are fine with me", or "Whichever of these three outcomes (state what they are) or something better happens, is fine with me".  Avoid Universal Spam and see the difference, first in how much more powerful you will feel about how you direct your life and secondly, in how much more clearly what you want comes to you.  Remember that the Universe is holographic and homeopathic.  It will reflect what you put out and what you put out will be what you get back, as like gets like.  Believe……
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