Finding Shangri La: Improving Your Journey

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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In the 1940’s movie Lost Horizon there is one central character, Chang, who is the guiding force of the entire plot.  He doesn’t have a lot to say or an overwhelming presence, however, what he does say and how he says it and when he says it, is so powerful that all of the other characters, although much more vocal and prominent, would not be able to fulfill the script without him.  Nothing seems to unravel him or rough him up.  He’s calm traveling through a blizzard down the treacherous trek to save the other characters who have had their plane crash into the snow covered mountain; he’s calm when he’s held at gunpoint; he’s calm when the others are rude and overbearing with questions.  He’s just plain calm and yet he has a sense of humor all the while dealing with the varied and difficult personalities of the 5 crash victims he’s rescued to Shangri La.  He’s everyone’s answer to a prayer, and he’s who everyone wishes they had working in their office or had as a loving uncle.  Chang is also enlightened-in case I forgot to mention it.  That’s how he’s able to manage all of those challenges.  Getting enlightened is no easy task, but take heart. It IS possible to achieve one small "e" of enlightenment one at a time on a pretty regular basis if we are willing to learn, stay positive, look for silver linings, meditate, breathe, focus on higher points of thinking and to face our fears, faults and failings with a sense of forgiveness, fortitude and faith.  As long as we move, one step at a time without side stepping off the golden path, we can achieve that wonderful state of enlightenment, as long as our goal is to arrive at that pristine threshold beyond the commonplace-Shangri La.  Believe…..
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