Yoga; Improving Your Life at Work

Yoga is all about body language. Each asana or pose is an expression of some aspect of achieving a higher state of awareness, well-being and higher consciousness. It is the inner language of the practitioner. Outwardly this expression is visible to others who readily know whether you are someone who is approachable, friendly, self-confident and successful. Statistics say that our body language represents 55% or our communication with only 7% of it actually being the spoken word. It stands to reason that we really need to pay attention to how we hold ourselves while standing, sitting, talking and walking. We can rely on good Yoga practice to keep us supple and energetic. But another important aspect of our Yoga training is how it helps us to be aware of others. To truly see them. To discern their intentions and needs. In sales this is vital. This idea came to me today while I was at my local photocopy center copying a large data file. At least 8 people came up to me to ask for help in the store, thinking that I worked there. Even though I was wearing oriental clothing, which looked nothing like a store assistant’s uniform. Finally in desperation, I asked one of the people to please take a look at what I was wearing and to ask themselves if I could possibly be a store assistant. I wanted to illustrate that they were not really looking at me or communicating with me. Not one of them said ‘hello, can you please help me’. Each one simply asked for directions or a product. The idea is that to them, I was invisible. They were focused on their need and oblivious to me as a person. And on top of that, they had left off their social amenities as well. Often it is a failure to really look at other people that we encounter in our daily lives, thus they become invisible to us. This is poor communication, which in business is detrimental. People know, through direct eye contact, and feel your intention to communicate with them in a meaningful way or any lack thereof.

Yoga teaches us many techniques for learning to see clearly. In order to be successful, we must learn how to apply the Yoga of seeing those around us as clearly as we wish to see our own inner light. This will make you unforgettable with everyone you meet in business and they will see you more clearly too, when that next important business opportunity comes along.

THE CANDLE MEDITATION for good eyesight, improved concentration, relaxation and just simply seeing everything and everyone more clearly. Sit in front of a 12″ white taper candle with the flame just below eye level and approximately 3 1/2 feet distance. The room should have some other dim light source. Sit with spine erect and gaze into the flame for about 2 minutes. Close your eyes and catch up the after image of the flame so that it is in the center of your forehead at the Ajna Chakra, between the eyebrows. Try to hold it there for another 2 minutes. Rub your palms together until hot by placing the right palm over the left and circling the palms for 36 times. Enjoy the soothing warmth on your overworked computer strained eyes

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