Yoga: The Book of Brighu: An Ancient Text with A Modern Message

In ancient times of India there once was a Pandit name Brighu. He had the unique ability to write stories that told about people from all over the world, for all time, who would seek his wisdom and knowledge about themselves. For centuries people have traveled to one of several caretakers of this sacred collection to see if their names are listed. Always it’s the same. The Pandit currently in charge welcomes you. You are served tea, he asks your birthday and then disappears into the room where unbound volumes are wrapped in cloth. There are virtually thousands and thousands of pages, all old, all crumbling, but all full of amazing timeless wisdom. The Pandit emerges from the room holding a portion of the book and tells that [as it was written] a person would come on this [described accurately detailed day] from wherever the person has come. The question is answered as if Brighu was there presently. The Brighu Samhita is always accurate and timely. However, you have to be someone who has made a significant change in the world for Brighu to have been able to foresee you so clearly from the distant past. It’s the same way with your employers, your co-workers, your clients, your customers. You must first see yourself clearly and project that image and then you must secondly be very visible in a unique way. You must shine and outshine the competition. If venerable Saint Brighu were here today, I think he would suggest the following self-image technique to insure that you are right out in front of all the others.

Be in Brighu’s Book, Self-Image Concentration: When undisturbed time permits, settle in to a comfortable position and watch the breath flowing in and out for a few moments. Fix your inner gaze at the point between your eyebrows. At that point, carefully imagine yourself from head to toe, surrounded by a blazing gold aura. See yourself looking absolutely wonderful, dressed in finest clothing, beaming success and well-being. Try to feel that you are generating this golden aura outwards into all of your projects and relationships. Say your name mentally 7 times visualizing that you and your projects are very important and memorable and in like, that you also regard others in the same way. Do this for 2-5 minutes at least 2 times per week and be amazed at the results. I’ll bet if you get to visit a Brighu Pandit, you will find your name there and it will be all about success. Yoga works!


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