How To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Risk of breast cancer is consistently rising and with no sure way to prevent it completely. Breast cancer is a malignancy that begins in breast cells. A large number of risk factors are closely associated with the development of breast cancer.

You might be wondering about the ways to reduce breast cancer risks are. Although there is no clear way to completely eliminate the chances of developing breast cancer, the risks can be reduced by making some changes in lifestyle. For protection against breast cancer you have to change the factors which may cause breast cancer. These factors include:


Diet, physical activities and body weight are associated with breast cancer. Sometimes ingredients that are part of our diet become the cause of breast cancer. By making certain variations in your eating habits, you can prevent the odds of cancer. According to some studies some vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish and low fat dairy products have been found to increase the risk of breast cancer. However, a low fat diet appears to offer slight decline in the risk of breast cancer. 

Weight control:

Obesity and gaining weight can also cause breast cancer. Being obese and overweight can increase your risk of breast cancer especially after menopause. For controlling and maintaining weight, healthy diet is the key factor which prevent breast cancer possibilities. To protect yourself from any harmful effects, reduce your weight as well as breast cancer chances. 

Breast feeding:

Breast feeding is another factor which reduces the breast cancer risk. The longer you breast feed, more are the chances for breast prevention.

Limit alcohol consumption:

Over consumption of alcohol is also another reason behind breast cancer. Limit your alcohol consumption. The more you intake alcohol, the closer you are to breast cancer. If you can’t resist drinking alcoholic beverages, limit to only one drink in a day. Make sure to keep alcohol consumption in moderation.

Physically active:

Physical activity is the utmost need for reducing breast cancer harms. Physical activities like exercise and daily walk along with healthy and balanced diet help in controlling weight which in turn keeps you safe from risks of breast cancer. The department of health and human services recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise for most healthy adults in a week.

Reduce synthetic chemical compounds:

There are a large number of synthetic chemical compounds that you come across in everyday life. These synthetic chemical compounds include poultry and dairy products, hormone residues in meat and industrial pollutants. Avoid exposure to such chemical compounds as much as possible as they are somehow related to breast cancer risk due to estrogen activity. 

Quit smoking:

Smoking is one of factors that cause breast cancer. Quitting smoking is one of best things you would do to protect yourself from breast cancer risk. Quitting smoking will ultimately prevent risks of breast cancer.

Drinking green tea:

Intake of green tea regularly has also been associated with reduction of breast cancer. Green tea is best thing which keeps you safe from breast cancer possibilities.

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