How To Solve The Skin Concerns On Your Body

A couple months back, we addressed how to fix all sorts of skin concerns that appear on your face, from fine lines to cystic acne. Treating the face is often at the forefront of what we cover in beauty because, let's be real: It's what people see every single day.

Many of us neglect taking proper care of the skin on our body, despite the fact that it ages just like everything above the neck. Sometimes, it's not until major issues occur that we realize just how important the skin hiding underneath our clothes really is.

When skin concerns arise on the body, they can sometimes be more alarming than what's on the face — they can sometimes accompany other image issues we may have, or make us feel like we can't disrobe, go out in public, or wear certain clothes. The reality is, you should always feel beautiful in the skin you're in…even if loving it might get a bit more complicated than normal. 

To help you out, we consulted aesthetician Renée Rouleau, dermatologists Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, PhD, and Sejal Shah, MD, and Gold Skin Care's Michael Gold, MD, on everything from eczema to psoriasis. Click through to see how to treat it, what to buy, and what you need to know.

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