This New Company Sells Gorgeous One-Of-A-Kind Rugs From All Over The World At Affordable Prices

In the high-stakes game of interior design, a great rug is like the under-the-radar MVP in your lineup of key decorating players. While tufted loveseat sofas and geometric wall hangings are the more obvious all-stars, the well-conceived motifs and intricate detailing of the right rug can do even more for your space. This item sets the tone for your decor aesthetic while grounding all the different pieces in a room within one cohesive style story. That’s why you should approach investing in a rug as you would a piece of art, because that's exactly what it is: a masterpiece for your floors.

“Like an art piece, a well-crafted rug will adorn your living space for years,” says Joyce Kong, co-founder and head of products at Revival Rugs, a direct-to-consumer company offering curated collections of handmade, internationally sourced rugs sent straight to your door. Their brand ethos is simple: one-of-a-kind rugs shouldn’t cost a month’s rent — not even when they're delivered from abroad. In fact, it's this worldly appeal that'll land you an interior design home run, and you don't need to leave the country or pay an exorbitant price to score big.

Revival's production model allows the company to work directly with handpicked artisans all over the world while closely monitoring the creation process. They operate out of weaving epicenters like Turkey and India, where craftsmen still preserve their cultural legacies through the rug-making techniques that have been perfected over centuries. This means Revival cuts out unnecessary intermediaries who end up driving up cost without adding value to your purchase. This also means that instead of buying a rug on a marketplace that relies on third-party vendors or getting something machine-made from a big-box retailer, you can treat your home to an authentic alternative with unique character, all for the same price.

"Whether for buying vintage rugs or weaving new ones, we’ve worked hard to develop relationships which yield good, fair prices, that we are then able to pass onto our consumers," says co-founder and CEO Ben Hyman. "We cut out middlemen, which saves sometimes as many as several rounds of markups. The price difference is impressive, usually around three times less than high-end retailers who sell comparable products."  

So consider Revival to be your first-class ticket to transforming your home into an internationally inspired abode. Ahead, you'll find a selection of rugs from the site along with additional information and tips from Kong and Hyman to help you make the best choice for your living environment. And with some options starting as low as $100, the centuries of talent and stories woven into each Revival design are actually within reach.

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"This one seems fairly obvious, but it’s critical: You’ll want to measure the room to get a sense of its dimensions, and the ideal dimensions of the rug you’re looking for. Your rug should sit at least 6”-1’ from the wall, exposing a strip of floor. Measuring will also help you to narrow your rug search considerably." — Kong


Revival Rugs Zyrjeta Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

"Our teams in Turkey and India travel the country on a monthly basis to handpick rugs, inspecting them for quality and durability. After this initial assessment, we receive them at our cleaning and processing facility." — Hyman


Revival Rugs Chiana Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

"A rug can be maximalist and full of really intricate details but that also means it should have a really nice fade to it or be antique washed or overdyed to let those details really shine." — Kong


Revival Rugs Almke Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

"Materials are also important. There are differences in good, lustrous wool fibers that don’t break easily, and cheaper, brittle wool that has the texture of straw. Starting with quality materials, like anything, is where a good rug starts." — Kong

Revival Rugs Grygory, $, available at Revival Rugs

"Of our newly constructed rugs, I will say that this one is a staff favorite — especially in the charcoal and oat colorways. It’s an exaggerated version of a multipanel flatweave, which is known for slight variations in panel length, making for a bespoke, uneven edge." — Kong

Revival Rugs Block Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

"All of our vintage rugs go through an extensive selection, preparation, and cleaning process to ensure that the quality is what you expect from a vintage wool rug." — Kong

Revival Rugs Florrie Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

"A customer who currently buys a $400 area rug is likely buying a machine-made or hand-tufted rug, neither of which, we think, compares in quality and beauty to a handwoven, one-of-a-kind oriental rug." — Hyman 

Revival Rugs Macaria Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

"On top of being aware of trends and what colors are popular, you need to imagine how the rug would fit in your home, with your furnishings." — Kong

Revival Rugs Adao Vintage Rug, $, available at Revival Rugs

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