Organize And Maintain Your Pantry

We're all doing our best to stay inside to keep ourselves and others safe right now. This new self-quarantining reality means infrequent grocery store runs that are all about buying in bulk. Keeping our pantries well-stocked with the snacks we're finding comfort in while social distancing and the ingredients we need for all the cooking projects we're taking on to pass our now-expansive free time, however, calls for a little more order than we usually apply in our kitchen cabinets. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit, the team responsible for so many celebrities' enviably organized pantries, are just the people to tell us how to set up our kitchen storage during this time.

According to the duo, every organizational project should start with an edit — unsurprising information, given their brand's name. "Remove everything from the space, wipe down the shelves, group items into like categories, and check expiration dates," they explain. "This process will also help you realize what items have gone to waste, and what you shouldn't purchase again." Shearer and Teplin suggest dedicating a few minutes every week to doing a mini-edit of your pantry as a way to ensure long-term organization. 

Once you've assessed what exactly it is you have crammed into your pantry and kitchen cabinets, the women of The Home Edit say it's time to transfer them to clear containers. "The original boxes, bags, and jars that items come in can add to the clutter," they tell us. "Instead, swap them for more functional solutions."

Finally, Shearer and Teplin emphasize the importance of making sure all the food items and ingredients in your pantry are easy to locate when you need them. That means making sure items are visible and labeled. Ahead, The Home Edit team shares the storage products they use to make finding and utilizing food products a breeze.

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Store loose ingredients in clear air-tight canisters

"These come in a variety of sizes from large to small, wide, or tall. Fine powders (flour, baking soda), loose snacks (dried fruit, nuts), pasta, cereals, and grains can be stored and kept fresh."

The Home Edit T.H.E. Small Canister .5 qt., $, available at The Container Store

The Home Edit T.H.E. Medium Canister 1.5 qt., $, available at The Container Store

The Home Edit T.H.E. Large Canister 2.5 qt., $, available at The Container Store

Oggi 5-Piece Acrylic Canister Set with Airtight Clamp Lids, $, available at Amazon

The Home Edit Produce Bin

Each bin helps to keep moisture away from produce, maintaining the freshness of fruits and veggies.

The Home Edit The Home Edit Produce Bin, $, available at The Container Store

Better Homes & Gardens Flip Tite Food Storage Set

These BPA-free durable acrylic containers are an easy way to remember you still have fresh greens waiting for you in the fridge.

Better Homes & Gardens Flip Tite Food Storage Set, $, available at Walmart

OXO Good Grips 1.7-Qt. Rectangular Container

Store your grains, seeds, and nuts in this tall clear plastic vessel — an easy way to see what's inside.

OXO Good Grips 1.7-Qt. Rectangular Container, $, available at Crate & Barrel

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