Viva Line 2022 best AC conditioner options

Viva Line

This article was last updated on June 6, 2022

Standing out in the sector with its advanced technology air conditioning solutions, COPA Heating Systems continues to introduce its new products to its consumers with Viva Line.

Elegant, comfortable and environmentally friendly, the COPA Viva Line series offers a clean, fresh and healthy air to living spaces. COPA’s new air conditioner, Viva Line, which allows its users to experience four seasons whenever they wish, raises the comfort even higher with its low-noise operation.

The COPA air conditioner family, which adapts to all spaces with its stylish and striking designs as well as its environmentally friendly and saving features, continues to expand.

Viva Line, the new air conditioner of COPA, which allows its users to experience four seasons whenever they wish, draws attention with its elegant, comfortable and environmentally friendly features. COPA Viva Line air conditioners, which are in A++ in cooling and A+ in heating energy class, have 4 different capacities as 9.000 BTU, 12.000 BTU, 18,000 BTU and 24.000 BTU. COPA Viva Line inverter air conditioners with budget-friendly and highly efficient R32 refrigerant consider both your pocket and nature while working.

COPA Viva Line provides a cleaner and healthier air to its users with its self-cleaning heat exchanger. Captivating with its Soft LED illuminated front panel, COPA Viva Line provides comfortable air circulation by preventing air deformation in the environment, thanks to its double air blades that deliver hot and cold air through separate channels.

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