Smart Thermostats What Lies Ahead for Consumers

This article was last updated on November 1, 2022

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Smart Thermostats – What Lies Ahead for Consumers

As part of the Great Reset under which the organ donor class will feel the overriding powers of the ruling class as they further attempt to control every aspect of our lives, particularly our use of energy, a program operated by Alliant Energy in Iowa and Wisconsin is, perhaps, a harbinger of what lies ahead.


Here is the lead webpage for the program:


Smart Thermostats

Under the program, Alliant will be able to control eligible smart thermostats which include the following:


• Google Nest Thermostat

• Google Nest Learning Thermostat

• Google Nest Thermostat E

• ecobee3 Lite Thermostat

• ecobee4

• ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

• Emerson Sensi Classic Smart Thermostat

• Emerson Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat with Color Touchscreen


Here is the justification for the program:


Smart Thermostats

When Alliant Energy’s customers sign up, they can choose to be enrolled one of three options: the summer program, the winter program or a program that combines both seasons.  Once signed up, Alliant will monitor the customer’s smart thermostat to establish their regular heating and cooling settings “…so that we can be sure to keep you comfortable on event days...”, i.e. days when demand for Alliant’s energy is predicted to spike.  On those days, Alliant will schedule a “Smart Hours” event which will allow the company to adjust the customer’s thermostat schedule by heating or cooling their home before the predicted energy spike followed by a reduction in energy use during the Smart Hours event. The company states that there will be a maximum of 15 Smart Hours events during the summer season (June 1 to September 30) and winter season (December 1 to March 31).  The company will rarely reduce a customer’s energy use for more than four hours and never on weekends or weekdays.  If a customer’s home fluctuates by more than a few degrees, their home air-conditioning or heating system will automatically kick in to return the dwelling to the customer’s preferred temperature setting.   This will allow the company to flatten the energy spike, allegedly allowing the company to minimize energy price increases.


Of course, given the “everything is about climate change” age in which we are living, Alliant Energy states that its Smart Hours program will help the environment as quoted here:


When demand for electricity is high, sometimes energy providers need to turn to more expensive power sources to accommodate everyone’s needs. Alliant Energy Smart Hours helps the environment by allowing us to avoid turning on less environmentally friendly energy sources to meet electricity demand on extra-hot or extra-cold days.


Remember, it’s all about the environment and has absolutely nothing to do with increasing the company’s profitability.  Really, trust them.


So, for essentially handing over control of their home heating and cooling systems, Alliant Energy’s customers in Iowa receive a $50 enrolment bonus and those in Wisconsin will receive a $25 enrollment bonus plus an additional $25 when they sign up their water heater later in 2022  In addition, enrollees will receive a with a $25 virtual prepaid Mastercard for every season that they are eligible to participate in the program.


Of course, right now this scheme is voluntary but it sets the stage for a program that could become mandatory in the future when our personal energy consumption is fully controlled by the ruling class, all in the name of protecting the environment (so that they can use their limousines and personal jets to their heart’s content) because the useless eaters are are simply too stupid to know how to control it without their assistance.

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