Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Acharya Sri Khadi MadamaEpisode – 42

Just as Gracie and Musika finished the last bites of the delicious little tea cakes, and Musika had scoured the area for the last of the crumbs, which he said somehow tasted better than the actual cakes, the running lights of the X17 Deluxe Yoga Mat, lit up, began to quiver worse than Simha Maharaja’s roar and off the two of them went, Musika holding onto Gracie’s neck for safety as they flew off down the Pink Time Portal, landing moments later in Gracie’s room at home. Gracie could hear her mother calling upstairs to let Gracie know it was just about time for dinner followed by, “how did you get in, dear, without me seeing you?”. To which Gracie replied, “I didn’t see you mom, so I thought you were sleeping and I just came right up to my room, be down in a minute. I’m starved!”

As soon as both Gracie and Musika recovered from traveling at Pink Yoga Light Speed, she could see something on her bed. A closer look revealed two tickets to the Ballet, to Giselle, the very ballet that was coming to town. And, it was for tomorrow nights’ performance. Gracie had to rub her eyes twice to believe them, and after several blinks, it finally sunk in that these were exactly what they looked like. Two tickets to see Giselle. For a moment, she thought that her mother had gotten her the tickets, but next to them was a pile of pink glitter in the shape of Ganesha’s question mark, so she knew that it was Ganesha, the Lord of All Obstacle Removal, who had sent them. Das was right, something would turn up to get her there, and it did. She would bring her mother, but how would she explain the tickets? Musika spoke up just then, “Oh, Gracie, I almost forgot. Here is the contest notice saying that you won the two tickets in a drawing at your school.” he said pulling a tiny wad of paper from his equally tiny pocket, which he then very creatively opened out to full size. This was too much. Gracie was dancing and spinning around in her room with a new zest, especially since being taught the Rabbit Pose. She felt like a dancer, once again. Her mother called up to her again and Gracie, kissing little Musika on the top of his head, ran downstairs waving the tickets in her hand to surprise her mother and calling back to Musika that she would bring him a bit of her dessert. He liked that and hoped that it included some crumbs!

The performance of Giselle was only a day away. Gracie would have to think of what to wear to such an important event. Her wardrobe didn’t inspire a lot of confidence as the clothing budget didn’t always allow for extravagent or frequent shopping sprees. She would think of something, or her mother would! And then, she remembered that since the tickets got to her, magically, that something would turn up. It seems that it always did. She would just have to have faith. Gracie rushed downstairs clinging to the tickets and the contest anouncement to show her mother. The happy two laughed and made plans and ate an extremely light hearted meal together. Opportunities for such expensive outings came very rarely to Gracie and her mom, so they celebrated with a toast of pink lemonade in special crystal glasses that Gracie’s mom took out just for the occassion.

To be continued . . . !

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