Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Chapter 8

Episode – 47

Gracie was dreaming about being in an airplane with her father. She loved these dreams. They always seemed so real, like they really were together again, up in the air. The dreams were always so vivid. On this particular morning, however, Gracie awoke to what sounded like a small airplane flying overhead. It woke her. She managed to get one eye open. She heard the sound again. Planes didn’t usually fly over and over again near her home, even though the air force base was not all that far from away, yet she could distinctly hear the sound of an airplane. She remembered her father telling her that he had spent some summers here at this house and often visited the Air Force base as a young boy, dreaming about being in the Air Force. Maybe the dream had carried over into her awakening. With both eyes open, she looked up at the ceiling and tried to wake fully up to a more alert state and as she did so, scanning the room, she saw that the Pink Time Tunnel was open and that the most amazing creature had flown in to her room at what sounded like supersonic speed and yet, when it landed it landed instantly with the only noticeable trace of it‘s amazing entrance being the scattering of many pink fluffy feathers. They looked exactly like the feathers that rained down onto the battle field when Gracie was in ancient India. At that time, she had heard the voice of this magnificent creature telling her that they would meet again, but she did not see it at that time, only hearing it’s voice. It was a massive Pink bird, unlike any bird she had ever seen before, and no doubt ever would again. For, it was a big and Pink and strange as all of the other Divine Beings she had met. It was half-bird, half-human. It stood there letting its huge wings down, brushing itself off as if to rid itself of dust with it’s hands. It was wearing gold flight goggles and a huge green and pink aviator’s scarf. Gracie was now really awake and sat bolt upright in her bed, as smaller feathers from the self-preening the creature was performing on itself caused them to fly around her room. One presently landed on her nose and caused her to sneeze, which caused tiny Musika, who had been sleeping in Gracie’s pajama pocket to come flinging outward with such force that only the big wing of the creature could stop him from landing dangerously up against Gracie’s closet door.

“Hello hello, greetings and felicitations”, the Pink Bird said, as it removed it’s flight goggles and pushed them to the top of it’s head where they immediately formed a funny looking crown. “I’m Garuda Rishi”, King of all birds and all flying things”. Garuda Rishi was huge and although he had wings, he also had a very deep voice. “I’m very sorry my little friend, Musika, for almost causing you to collide with that closet door. I sometimes forget how much turbulence I create when coming through the Pink Time Tunnel. You will forgive me, won’t you? I did bring you the most scrumptious of tasty morsels all the way from my recent trip to the Moon, which you know is made of Pink Cheese”. The bird took the gift out of his pocket and handed it to the tiny mouse scooping him up with a powerful wing so that they could talk eye to eye.

To be continued . . . !

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