Music Review: Jabariya Jodi

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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There are good expectations from the music of Jabariya Jodi. Films with Sidharth Malhotra in the lead have traditionally seen at least one major chartbuster and with 'Khadke Glassy' out, you look forward to what more do producer Ekta Kapoor and her team have in store for the actor. Moreover, there are as many as eight songs in the album with different set of composers, lyricists and singers team up for that.

music review: jabariya jodi


It is a winning start for Jabariya Jodi as Ashok Mastie's yesteryear chartbuster 'Khadke Glassy' is heard all over again in this Tanishk Bagchi recreation. With Yo Yo Honey Singh teaming up for this one along with Jyotiga Tangri, 'Khadki Glassy' turns out to be a foot tapping outing all over again. Tanishk Bagchi also steps in for additional lyrics along with Channi Rakhala and what you end up listening to it as a three minute musical piece that is set to add on to Sidharth Malhotra's repertoire of Punjabi chartbusters after 'Kaala Chashma' [Baar Baar Dekho].

Later in the soundtrack, the song also arrives in a 'Glassy 2.0' version which has Jyotica Tangri leading from the front. This version has Ramji Gulati stepping in as a composer with Kumaar writing some new lyrics altogether. That said, the core hook and rhythm remains just the same and what you end up hearing is a good version which brings in an altogether new flavour.

Bhojpuri chartbuster 'Zilla Hilela' is heard in Jabariya Jodi and it has the regional flavour intact. It makes sense as well since the film is set in that belt where such music is quite popular. Tanishk Bagchi is the man for the job and he steps in as a composer as well as co-lyricist with Shabbir Ahmed to deliver another catchy outing. An ensemble of singers come together in the form of Raja Hasan, Dev Negi, Pravesh Mallick and Monali Thakur to deliver a song that may just makes its way into celebratory occasions up North.

After two back to back dance numbers arrives a soothing love song in the form of 'Dhoonde Akhiyaan'. This time around Tanishk Bagchi comes up with an original number and does well to present to audience a song with a sufi touch to it. Yasser Desai and Altamash Faridi pair up for this Rashmi Virag number which has a smooth flow to it, though one wonders if a female voice in the song would have made it sound further complete.

Sachet Tandon recently gave a massive chartbuster 'Bekhayali' [Kabir Singh] and he along with co-composer Parampara Thakur pair up as singers too for 'Khwabfaroshi'. While it is good to hear a new word altogether for a Bollywood song, courtesy lyricists Siddharth-Garima, overall too the song impresses quite well. You can sense Sachet-Parampara touch in this soft rock outing which can well turn out to be the one that enjoys a long run. The more you listen to this song, the more it hooks you on. This one is a potential chartbuster too.

In a soundtrack like this, it was surprising not to hear Arijeet Singh's voice all this while. Well, the wait is over as composer Vishal Mishra and lyricist Raj Shekhar come together to set the stage for Arijit Singh's 'Ki Honda Pyaar'. Now this is a kind of number that could well have fitted into the milieu of Kabir Singh due to its romantic appeal. The song takes a little while before you catch its sound but after a while you are happy to play this one on loop. Later the song is repeated where Neha Kakkar leads the show with Vishal Mishra and you enjoy it again.

Last to arrive is 'Macchardani' and its beginning is the kind that briefly reminds one of 'Sweetheart' [Kedarnath]. However, the similarity just ends during the 'mukhda' piece as the song comes on its own with composer Vishal Mishra and lyricist Raj Shekhar take it forward. Brindani Mishra chips in with folk lyrics for this Vishal Mishra and Jyotica Tangri rendered number which is just about decent and should make for a situational outing at best.


The music of Jabariya Jodi delivers well as other than instant chartbusters like 'Khadke Glassy' and 'Zilla Hilela', there are love songs like 'Khwabfaroshi' and 'Ki Honda Pyaar' as well which promise to play on for long in time to come.


‘Khadke Glassy’, ‘Zilla Hilela’, ‘Khwabfaroshi’, ‘Ki Honda Pyaar’

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