Canada Eh Rebecca Nazz’s celebrates Canadian multi-cultural pride

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Celebrating Canadian Spirit, "Canada EH !" by singer Rebecca Nazz is being released just in time for Canada Day 2012. Pop and Acoustic music is what you’ll think of when you first hear this fun spirited bright artist. Growing up in South India, Canada and Kuwait, this Indo Canadian multi-talented singer/songwriter wrote the song inspired by her own journey. Covering many aspects of Canadian culture, this is a song that is bound to be heard for years to come. Nazz had the opportunity to team up with local producer Carlos Lopez to bring together her vision for the song which also featured the Boys and Girls Club.

The music video was developed in partnership with several organizations including: Home and Native Sound, Toronto Chinese Dance Academy, Boys and Girls Club, OIP Dance Centre, Sampradaya Dance Academy, Collective of Black Artists and Faculty of Media who were more than excited to be a part of the project. Watch the Music Video:

Her previous single "Indian Boy" garnered the attention of world-renowned reggae artist Apache Indian (“Boom Shack-A-Lak”, “Chok There”) whom she featured on the track “Intimate” on her EP released in Canada Sept 2011 and is being released in the UK and India in 2012.  Electrifying from start to finish, her material can be defined as upbeat pop songs with Western/East Indian influences.

Nazz has been profiled on OMNI TV with Bollywood Boulevard, Masala Canada with CBC radio, Brit Asia TV, UK, Desi Fashion Magazine, South Asian Generation Next, Anokhi and Star Buzz Weekly. As well she rocked the crowds with energized performances at the largest South Asian Festival in Canada, desiFest 2011, World Partnership Walk, Carrasauga Festival of Cultures and more.

Nazz will be releasing a new collection of music and additional videos this fall, on an upcoming EP titled Soldier.

Upcoming Shows:
July 5: Rochester Nightclub, MOA Showcase
July 22: Youth Day, Toronto
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