Rogue SPLA Soldier Arrested In Bor

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Sergeant Peter Gatkuoth was arrested by the state police alongside two accomplices at the Bor main market as they fought a liquor seller over unpaid bills.

According to police sources, Gatkuoth threatened to arrest the woman for demanding payment from him.

Police private David Deng said the suspect has been involved in a number of criminal activities in the disguise of belonging to the police force.

“He has been terrorising residents in the name of being a police officer. Just recently, he was apprehended for grabbing two mattress from a Ugandan businessman”, Deng said.

The state Director of criminal investigations Chol Achiek Deng said the suspect will be arraigned in court to answer to charges of robbery and impersonation.

“This will serve as an example to criminals who camouflage in police uniform to commit felony. This will greatly contribute to a reduction in crime in this state”, he said.

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