Jonglei Musician Using Music To End Tribal Conflicts

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

During the commemoration of the first anniversary of South Sudan independence, the artist hailed the improvement of security in recent months.

“Artists need to perform peace songs to encourage the local communities so that no Nuer can kill a Murle, no Dinka can kill a  Nuer and no Murle can kill a Nuer”, she said.

Tarip said that some people have been left homeless due to attacks from the neighbouring communities and musicians should take a leading role in advocating for peace through music.

Singing songs of peace and cooperation, Pathai reminded her brothers not to kill and to stop engaging in cattle rustling and abductions.

Jonglei State artists commemorated the first anniversary of South Sudan independence in a colourful event attended by hundreds of people at South Sudan Hotel.

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