Council To Be Chaired By Vice President Riek Machar

William Deng Deng, DDRC Chairperson (Right) and his deputy, Majur Mayor at the press briefing in Juba. [Gurtong | Waakhe Simon Wudu]

This is a high decision making body formed under Presidential order No. 31/2102 on 12 October 2012.

Deng Deng, the DDR Chairperson said consists of all the government 23 national line ministries and will mobilize and coordinate all the twenty two ministries for all DDR Council strategic direction.

“It will review and approve DDR policy documents such as the National DDR Provisional order, National DDR Policy, DDR Strategic plan and DDR program documents,” Deng Deng pointed out as one of the responsibilities the body is charged with.

He said that It will also launch date, suspension, termination and end date of the National DDR program.

The council will also review and approve the DDR annual and supplementary budget requests to the Ministry of Finance and Economic planning.

The South Sudan DDR Commission is the government institution formed after the country ended decades of civil war with Sudan and is charged with the duties of disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating program in the country.

It is an integral element of the outdated historic peace accord, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement from 2005 which ended decades of civil war fought with Sudan. 
The program had targeted 90,000 combatants and women associated with armed groups. 

It is conducted in three phases. Combatants and other individuals linked to the military are dispossessed of their weapons (Disarmament), they are discharged from the military (Demobilization) and reintegrated (Reintegration).

After demobilization the demobilized persons are supported to be able to support themselves in the long term through providing them with the skills and support to enable them to earn an income in civilian life.

Deng Deng said the establishment of the council is another step forward to explore on how the program should best be improved in the new nation.

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