Wau County Commissioner Resigns

Former, Wau County commissioner John Peter Miskin. [Gurtong | File]

The government officials who were travelling to Bagari were lead by the state government advisor for peace and reconciliation Efisio Kon Uguak and Livio Gelego Bahara, the Essential Service Affairs government advisor.

The commissioner was supposed to be among the officials but did not join the team as he remained in his office during time.

According to Rizik Dominic Samuel, the State Security Advisor the commissioner wrote his resignation after learning of the incident where the team faced youth who had blocked the road to Bagari.

The commissioner resigned over what the state government described as him refusing to move the county headquarters outside town.

Last month, six tribes rejected the idea of moving their headquarters as proposed by the state governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan saying that it is creating tension between the state government and the community.

Jur River County has endorsed the move and ready to move out from the town by 22 October.

The attack was an attempt by the politicians to prevent and reject the government from taking the services to the people as the headquarters are moved.

According to Samuel, the move to take the two counties, Jur River and Wau to the rural areas was in line with the former SPLM leader Dr John Garang’s vision to take the town to the rural areas in order to control the rural- urban migration.

He said the resignation of Miskin as commissioner will not affect the relocation of the county while inquiring into his resignation will continue.

Samuel warned those youth who were involved in the action not to allow being used by the politicians as political shields.

He said it is an agitation to tribalism which is unacceptable to happen in the state.

Gurtong could not reach John Peter Miskin for his comment over his resignation from the post.

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