Constitution Commission Seeks Term Extension To Complete Work

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“We lost six to seven months and we request that the period lost be compensated,” he told reporters.

The commission was established in January and was mandated to review the interim constitution of South Sudan.

Akolda said that they started in July after receiving their budget of about 1.9 million South Sudanese Pounds.

He argued that they started their work after getting their budget and that the lost months be compensated.

He noted that they have not yet done the basic things for which they were appointed but said they will not fail to present a text.

However he was reserved as to whether they will finish their work even if their lost periods are compensated.

“The committee of 55 people might help or hinder quick work because everyone wants to talk,” he said.

The chairman revealed that the president is yet to respond to his request adding that Kiir said that he is going to discuss with his colleagues.

The commission has not yet started revising the constitution but the chairman said it will kick off soon after setting the committees today.

Meanwhile Justice Minister John Luke Jok said that he will give his support to ensure the extension of the time.

He added that failure to have a constitution is the most serious problem South Sudan will ever face.

Nevertheless, Clement Janda, a member of the council of states has urged members to look into the issue of South Sudanese diversity.

In lessons learnt during a visit by the committee to Kenya, 30 per cent of the members should be drawn from the states and counties.

The committee visited Kenya in September but according to Janda, the issue of recruitment in the country has not taken diversity into consideration.

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