Examinations Commence In Eastern Equatoria State

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The ministry officials led by the Director General Adelino Ojina Quintos launched the start of the examinations with the first paper being English language and the examinations will run for three days.

The officials wished all the 202 candidates at Dumak Primary School success in the examinations.

And the ministry instructed the invigilators to monitor accordingly and avoid any cheating and exam malpractices.

There are 2,390 candidates registered in 81 Schools sitting for the Primary Leaving Examinations in Eastern Equatoria State.

Last week, the State Education Ministry’s Secretary for Primary Examinations, Mr. Gideon Esyak Adyang said that Kapoeta East County will have a total of 79 candidates while Kapoeta South County will have 49 candidates in addition to only one candidate from Kapoeta North County.

He revealed that while Budi County will have 79 candidates sitting for the upcoming exams, Lafon and Lopa County is preparing 62 candidates with Ikwoto County having 223 candidates and Torit County will have 804 candidates.

Magwi County is expected to have a biggest number of candidates to sit for the upcoming examinations.

The officials have said that the lower classes 1-7 have been advised to stay away for the seven days to allow the scheduled examinations to run smoothly until completion on November 21.

They will resume school and then continue through to December 14, 2012 for closure.

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