USAID Signs US$ 260 Million Grant With South Sudan

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The agreement signed by USAID Acting Mission Director Deprez and RSS Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Kosti Manibe Ngai, totaling to near;ly US $ 260.

“This agreement strengthens the strong partnership between the American, people who provide this assistance, and the people of South Sudan who are building their young nation and face challenges of a people emerging from decades of war,” said USAID Acting Mission Director Deprez. “USAID and US Government as a whole are providing assistance to help South Sudan become increasingly stable and to lay the groundwork for inclusive, transparent, accountable governance so that the people of South Sudan can be served well by their government.”

Among the assistance efforts in South Sudan, USAID will continue to promote democratic principles and the tenets of good governance, such as efficient and transparent use of public funds to provide social services and responsible development of petroleum sector.

USAID will help strengthen key RSS government institutions, contributing to establishment of effective, democratic governance at the national, state and local levels by developing and fostering transparent and effective institutions and processes.

The Director said USAID will also continue efforts to broaden access to information by supporting independent and professional media, focusing on radio, which is the medium most widely used by South Sudanese for information.

USIAD promotes civic dialogue, education and participation by airing diverse radio programming on a range of topics, such as promoting a cohesive national identity; encouraging good hygiene, adult literacy, livelihoods, conflict mitigation, and other issues of general public welfare.

USAID will also continue to help the RSS mitigate conflict, support development of the promising agriculture sector, and support development of essential services, including education.

USAID signed its first grant agreement with the Government of Southern Sudan prior to South Sudan’s independence, on September 30, 2008.  

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