Ministers And Commissioners Summoned To Explain How Revenue Was Used

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The assembly called upon the State ministries of Finance, Trade and Industry, Agriculture and Forestry, Local Government and Law Enforcement, Health, Social Development, Education, Animal Resource and Fishery, Education and nine county commissioners to present their revenue reports.

The State Finance Minister and counties commissioners are requested to appear before the assembly to deliver reports and answer question concerning the status of the collection of taxes and local revenue from June to December 2012 based on the motion raised by the legislators.

This come after the State Finance Ministry insisted on a 25 percent salary cut from all civil servants due to the authority measures which was rejected by members while urging the ministry to give further explanations.

The ministry claims that the revenues collected at the counties cannot cover the gap widely shown by the report from Abiemnhom County Commissioner of which 90 percent of the tax collected is being used at the county level to provide security, education, health and social services.

Assembly Speaker, Simon Maguek Gai stated that “we are calling all county commissioners and state ministers with tax income to come and present their report on tax collection without fail as we are facing financial deficit that we need to cover.”

The assembly agreed that “anyone found using public fund will be held accountable as stipulated in the constitution.”

One of the members said it is their mandate to promote good governance and the rule of law and to protect the right of citizens who elected them to be representative.

“Some commissioners are complaining that the collection of tax has declined right from the closure of the border trade between Juba and Khartoum and the road coming down from Juba was impassible due to the rain…. We have to embark on these resources, streamline and direct it to our citizens our resource to every citizen,” he said.

Gai urged all commissioners and the ministries concerned to work very hard and to use these resources for the benefit of all.

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