Yambio Mixed Changed Into A Boys School

The Western Equatoria State General Education and Instruction Minister, Pia Phillip Michael. [Joseph Nashion]

The minister pointed out that so many girls had registered last year in Yambio Secondary school yet very few were able to complete the year without getting pregnant and the state ministry thought it was for their own benefit to change the school into a boys school since most of the girls were being impregnated by the school boys at Yambio Secondary school.

According to the minister, there is Yabongo Secondary School where the number of girls was very few compared to Yambio Secondary school and it was seen that it had enough learning spaces for girls compared to Yambio Secondary yet most girls did not want to go there since they needed mixed school based on their own interest.

Pia Phillip also emphasized on the poor administration at Yambio Secondary school whereby students were more than the normal capacity and teachers were unable to control the situation hence leading to poor management of the students via discipline monitoring and school fees collection.

Some students of Yambio Secondary school however denied the allegation saying, their brothers at Yambio Secondary school have never been involved in any case of impregnating girls or even defilement.

According to Afia Phillip she denied the allegation stressing that, instead it is the responsible men working in different offices and traders who are behind most of the dropout in Yambio Secondary school.

The minister said the government will consider girls in getting scholarship since selection is usually done in government school.

“Does it mean girls who will perform well will not be considered in scholarship since there will be no girl in a Yambio Secondary school which is a government school and where selection is suppose to be done from?,” she asked.

One of the boys who refused to be named however hailed the idea of changing the school into a single boys school based on his reason as girls are found of tempting boys during their lessons in wearing very short uniforms and other beautification not supposed to be carried to school.

He said he was very happy with the decision taken by the State Minister of Education because this will give the boys space to learn as well as help some girls who could be influenced by others negatively.

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