Minister Urges Parliamentarians To Be Watchful Of Contracts

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Jacob Aligo Lo-Lado who doubles as the state government spokesperson said that many contracts entered into by the government institutions have not involved key institutions such as the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the Ministry of Justice in particular the state legal attorney.

“Today if you go round our different institutions Ministries they enter into contracts without putting the Ministry of Finance into picture,” Aligo said. “So if our legal attorney is not involved you will find that the part the documents [contracts] do not shoot the side of the government.”

“These committees [parliamentary committees] are over sight committees that is why I said they have to live to their responsibilities so that they see and scrutinize where things are going wrong,” Aligo said.

He said there is need to involve the State Attorney General in all the contracts the state government institutions are entering into with any company.

Aligo is the former Finance and Economic Planning and said that inactive involvement of the relevant state government institutions into scrutinizing of the contracts leads to loss of huge sums of money by the government and it affects service delivery.  

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