JICA To Improve On Clean Water Consumption In Malakal Town

JICA Assistant Coordinator Joseph Thomas Yassin and Manager Ohaara showing the project plan map in Malakal Town. [Jok Peter Mayom].

“JICA will also improve the broken water pipes and fix water points in parts of Malakal town that have been lacking water,” the JICA Assistant Coordinator Joseph Thomas Yassin told Gurtong.

“Water pipe line approximately 5,000 meters will also be build to increase the capacity of water in Malakal town. Clear water transmission facility will be provided through use of the purification machine so that clean water is processed,” he added.

Yassin said the project will include small-scale water supply system which will be set up in the Southern and the Eastern Zones of Malakal town.

“Apart from the rehabilitation of pipe lines, the existing water supply system in the southern zone will also be rehabilitated, “he said.

“We are going to build one unit type of treatment water plant with 150 cubic metres per day, 12 small scale storage tanks with 5 cubic metres per person. JICA is also going to provide three water tankers for inputs to the tanks and water treatment plants,” he explained.

According to Yasmin, JICA would also build one unit type of treatment water plant with 150 cubic metres per day and one elevated tank on the Southern Zone.

Pipe line will be used as means that will take water to Zones where so that people get access to clean drinking water in the town and will be distributed to the residential areas in the mentioned town areas by use of public tape as a means of water supply chain.

This town according Yasmin is chosen because most of the residents in the area use the Nile water and others trek long distance searching for clean water.

“River Nile water is not a good source of drinking water since it contains millions of bacteria, pathogens and other wastes dumped in,” he said.

The project is expected to expand and ensure clean and safe water consumption is accessible in the town.

“Malakal river port will be rebuilt. It is not passable for big boats only small boats can do, so we shall expand the existing jet,” said Yassin.

The Paramount chief of Malakal town Mr. Mujwok Lual had recently decried the lack of clean water to the Director General in the State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Rural Development Eng. James Tuong Luany.

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