New Cabinet Announced In Lakes State

Lakes State caretaker governor Maj Gen Matur Chut Dhuol . [Gurtong | File]

The governor appointed ministers, advisors and two new faces as commissioners for Wulu and Yirol West counties.

The governor has appointed permanent chief Dut Malual Arop as political advisor and former assembly speaker Isaiah Alier Machinkok as Food and Security advisor.

Other appointees include Mabor Achol Kuer as Deputy Governor and Minister of Education replacing Athiang Majak Malou with Mr. Makoi Bol Kodi, as Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency replacing Benjamin Makuer Mabor.

Mr. Daniel Chol Koknyin replaces Mrs. Adak Costa Mapuor at the Physical Infrastructure ministry with Mr. Dut Makloi Kok replacing Charles Badiri Mayen at the Information and Communication Ministry.

Mr. William Madong Mading has been appointed as the new Culture, Youth and Sports minister replacing Matur Majok Ajhac.

Other appointees include;

Mr. Baipath Majuec Rielpuol, Minister of Agriculture
Mr. Andrew Achijok Yak, Minister for Rural Development
Mr. Ezekiel Thiang Mangar minister for Social Development
Mr. Dut Malual Arop, Political Advisor
Mr. Alfred Abiar Wol, Advisor for Peace and Reconciliation
Mr. Isaiah Alier Machinkok, Food Security Advisor
Mr. James Aguer Dut Ayol, Commissioner of Headquarter
Mr. Mayom Tulba, Economic Advisor
Mr. Santo Domic Dominic, Security Advisor
Mrs. Veronica Ujuma Dak, Gender Advisor

The ministers who sustained their positions include;

Mrs. Maria Paul Jebi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
Mr. Benjamin Laat Mathou, Minister for Forestry and Fishery
Mr. Joseph Maker Madit, minister for Finance, Trade and Industry.
Mr. Daniel Gumwel Nhomabur, Minister for Health.

The ministry of Public Service and Labour is vacant.

The governor also appointed Mr. Akol Muorwel, as Wulu County Commissioner and Colonel Majak Ruei as Yirol West County Commissioner replacing Brigadier Makur Kulang Liei.

It has been noted that the appointment of the new cabinet does not meet the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party policy of 35 percent affirmative action for women representation in cabinet.

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