SPLM Official Describes Suspension As Illegal

Kawaja Kau Madol Ciweer Tong, Rumbek Central County SPLM Assistant secretary for Political and Organization Affairs. [Gurtong | File]

Kawaja Kau Madol Ciweer Tong, Rumbek Central County SPLM Assistant secretary for Political and Organization Affairs has quoted various sections within the SPLM constitution which he says the county chairperson did not follow to quality his dismissal and suspension of his membership in the party.

He said that he is still legally in the office and is performing his duty as party official till the right procedures are followed.

Chapter XIV, article 48 sub-article (c), clearly states that the county SPLM chairperson shall recommend the removal of deputy chairperson, secretary, and assistant secretaries to County Liberation Council for approval by simple majority.

“In regard to my cases you did not follow the due process as requires by our party constitution and as such you have to be abide by the aforesaid rules,” Kau said.

He added that Chapter III of the party constitution which talks about duties of any party SPLM member, in article 9 sub-articles (2) says that any member of SPLM should combat racism, tribalism, political sectarianism, religious intolerance and all other forms of discrimination within the country.

“In my case I acted within my duties as member of SPLM by discouraging tribalism in fulfilment of those duties,” he said.

He added that Article 10 sub-article (d) of the SPLM constitution with no fear clearly stated that any member should lose or suspend his/her membership when the disciplinary committee found that here were issues of gross misconduct done by the member which had undermined the constitution or any other basic documents of the party.

“Can you please refer the matter to disciplinary committee to investigate if at all this is relation between what I wrote and the violation of the SPLM constitution,” he said.

Kau said that his aim is to implement SPLM top areas of fighting tribalism in the region.

“Combating tribalism is not an activity that undermines the objective and polices of the SPLM; it is in fact a duty of all SPLM members to combat act to racism, tribalism and other discriminatory activities in the country and those in the support of such act are violation of that article 10 for your information,” he said.

“Were Greater Bahr el Ghazal and greater Equatoria regional conferences, SPLM conferences, and if somebody expresses his/her opinion against them then it can be equated to violation of the party constitution,” he added.

In document obtained by the press the Rumbek Central County party head Mangar Matoc Machar was instructed to sign the document for the dismissal of his county Assistant secretary.

The dismissal of Kau caused Malek Majok Agok, SPLM Rumbek Central County Secretary for Administration and Finance to be arrested after opposing the dismissal and suspension of Kawaja Kau membership.

Lakes state military caretaker Governor Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol ordered Malek arrested and later on Malek was transferred from police cell to National Intelligent Security cell located in eastern part of Rumbek Central County.

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