Minister Tables Delayed 2013-14 Budget For House Approval

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

South Sudan annual budget is supposed to have been passed by the parliament by July 1st of every year. However, the bill came this time round late without the Minister outlining reasons to the parliament.

Despite concern raised by the leader of the Minority Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwech during the presentation of the budget, voices from senior members of the ruling party, SPLM voiced down the opposition through all sorts of fora; use of point of information, procedure and order giving no room for audience to the voice of the leader of the minority.

Minister of parliamentary Affairs Hon. Michael Makwei at one moment ordered the Leader of the Minority “respect” the house referring to Adigo’s point of information which was been quoted from the Parliament Code of Conduct book indiscipline.

The Budget
Dr. Marial presented 17.3 billion South Sudan Pounds as the 2013/2014 resource envelop budget, saying its financed through a combination of oil revenue, non oil revenue, loans and budget support from donors.

If oil production continues at full capacity, income from oil will reach up to SSP 10.6 billion, and a stronger economy will help raise SSP 1.5billion in non oil revenue, Marial said.

Nevertheless, loans of SSP 4.7billion will be required to bridge the remaining financing gap he added.

He explained that, of the SSP 17.3billion budget, SSP 9.2billion will be available for agency spending and the remainder will be used for repaying loans taken up in 2012/13, paying areas, rebuilding reserves, paying Sudan for pipeline use, and making agreed transfer payments to Sudan and oil producing States and communities.

He budget this time is directed towards ‘boosting social services and economic growth in a prudent and responsible manner’ as priority areas.

After read, it was later on referred by the Deputy Speaker Hon. Daniel Awet who was chairing the sitting to the Committee of Economy and Planning to work on it within 21days and present to the House for second reading. 

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